A C/Unix/Linux/FreeBSD
Programmer's Reference Resource

Table of Contents:

Unix Programming: (By W. Richard Stevens & Stephen A. Rago)
Advanced Programming in the UNIX environment.
[annotated by Ariel Faigon]
UNIX network Programming
[examples as-is, not annotated]
Advanced programming in the Unix env. (1st edition) Advanced programming in the Unix env. 2nd Edition * 0-201-14307-9 * Hardcover * 960 pages * ©2005 Unix network programming vol 1 Unix network programming vol 2

Classic Algorithms (Ariel Faigon, based on Classical texts + some original code):
A collection of Sorting algorithms
Binary Search (requires the bsearch.h header)
Warshall Transitive Closure (Requires some typedef's from auto.h)
Classic (Tarjan) Union-Find (Requires a typedef for state_t: 'int' is fine)
Minimization of Finite-State Automata (Using the above two primitives and more)


This is a modest collection of useful pieces of code. and examples. It has all been well tested, and working well.

The first part of the collection are coding examples from Richard Stevens' Unix programming books. The code examples are from the book. These are by far the best Unix programming books I've ever read. I added HTML annotation to the examples so searching works better on them. In order to really understand the examples and learn, I highly recommend getting Stevens' books.

The second part of the collection includes some classical algorithms that I wrote based on pseudocode from classical text and which I tested and refined over time. The last part: minimization of Finite-State Automata, is 100% original code writen by me and is using some of the classical algorthms code as a base.

The collection is written in the C programming language, and is accompanied by HTML which briefly describes it.

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