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Yad BeYad (Hand in Hand) is an Israeli non-profit organization dedicated to humanitarian causes. Bait Ham (a Warm Home) is a project funded in part by Yad BeYad. Its goal is to provide a home for children whose families fail to function.

Thus far 12 ``homes'', each hosting about 25 children aged 3-7, have been established in Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, Netanya, Yavne, Hod Hasharon, Hertzlia and other communities.

The Silicon Valley chapter of Yad BeYad was established in 2000 by Vered Ravid. Vered day-in and day-out dedication to the cause comes from a true belief that each and every one can, and should, make a difference, and that the only way to make a better world for the future is by giving back.

The Israeli community in Silicon Valley has taken upon itself to sponsor a warm home in Kerem HaTemanim between the years 2000-2005. In 2005, the community has agreed to support two homes, one on Aliya St. and one on Florentin St., on a permanent basis.

For those who are interested in visiting the house, the current addresses are:

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