Gadi Yagil / Dash MeHabayit (Jan 2002)

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Yad BeYad, Silicon Valley, invites you to our 2002 new year sponsored show:

Gadi Yagil, one of Israel's famous comedians, in his show ``Dash MeHabayit''
Imitations, Singing, Dancing and more...

There's going to be one performance only. Don't delay, Tickets are on sale now.

As always: all proceeds will be donated to our sponsored warm home for needy children day care in Kerem haTeymanim, Tel Aviv, Israel.



Ticket Prices:

Advance Reservations & Further Information:

Tickets will be sold prior to the show starting at 6pm in the theater, however it is recommended to make advance reservations.

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Thanks to all of you who attended our events.

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