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Haim Moshe
Saturday, December 15, 2007 (San Mateo College)

Haim Moshe and his Band In Concert

Haim Moshe, one of the longest standing artists of the middle eastern music style, is coming with his band to perform an outstanding concert of his greatest hits. His songs include; Kol Nedarai, Nishba, Toda, Ima, Ten La' Zman La'lechet and many more.

Saturday, Dec 15, 2007 @ 9:00pm
Theatre of San Mateo College
1700 West Hillsdale Blvd (off Hwy 92)
San Mateo, CA
Yahoo! Map & driving directions


  • $45 (Regular tickets)
  • $55 (Front seat tickets)
  • $75 (Yad-be-Yad VIP tickets, includes $20 donation for the "Warm Home" project of Yad BeYad)
    • Vered: 408-530-8243
    • Ziona: 650.965.3799
    • Orly's Bookstore: 408-732-3238 (Visa, MC)


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Thanks to all of you who attended our events.

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